It all started with a handshake.

It all started with a handshake.

An Armenian-Turkish-German friendship society was also to be founded at the gala. The Foreign Office said the performance had been postponed. A new date was not announced, however. According to media reports, the government in Ankara recently unilaterally canceled the EU cultural program because of “Aghet”.

In April Turkey demanded that the EU stop funding the project. After the Bundestag’s genocide resolution, Ankara initially refused German parliamentarians permission to visit Bundeswehr soldiers at the Incirlik air base. Only when the federal government declared the resolution to be legally non-binding did the situation ease. Members of the Bundestag from the Defense Committee were then able to travel to Incirlik again at the beginning of the month, but the left-wing parliamentary’s foreign policy spokesman, Jan van Aken, has been waiting for a visit from the Turkish government for around two weeks.

In the first half of November, the Dresden symphonic orchestra wants to perform “Aghet” in Belgrade and in the Armenian capital Yerevan. Source:, lsc / dpa “The Antilles state Antigua and Barbuda has taken control of two banks that belong to alleged investment fraudster Allen Stanford The archipelago banking regulator said Friday that it has appointed two administrators to run the affairs of Standford International Bank and Stanford Trust Company in an effort to “protect the interests of investors and investors.” The Central Bank of Antigua and Barbuda meanwhile announced a plan to merge the Stanford-owned Bank of Antigua with five commercial banks into a new financial institution, after five Latin American countries had already taken action against Stanford’s banks this week.

The billionaire was found on Thursday after days of searching in the US state of Virginia. The US financial regulator SEC accuses the 58-year-old of having set up “a fraudulent, multi-billion dollar investment system”. Overall, the fraud is said to have had a volume of 9.2 billion US dollars (7.3 billion euros).

A US law firm filed a class action lawsuit from customers of Stanford International Bank (SIB) in a court in Texas on Thursday. Stanford is a citizen of the United States and Antigua and Barbuda and did much of its business from the island nation. Stanford was also active in several Latin American countries. Venezuela nationalized the Stanford Bank branch in the country on Thursday, but wanted to sell it again.

In Ecuador and Peru, the Stanford banks were banned from trading. In Colombia, at the urging of banking regulators, the Stanford representative agreed to suspend his stock market operations. In Panama, banking supervision took over the administration of the Stanford Bank. Source: “Frank-Walter Steinmeier tries to get diplomatic words on his visit to Turkey. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Before his trip to Ankara, Steinmeier emphasized how important the dialogue is “in these difficult times” – now he gets it. Surprisingly, the Turkish head of state Erdogan also wants to meet the German foreign minister.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier for a meeting at short notice. This was announced by his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Cavusoglu at a joint press conference in Ankara. On his first visit to Turkey since the failed coup, Steinmeier clearly stated German concerns about mass arrests and restrictions on freedom of expression. “Please do not understand it in Turkey as presumptuousness, not as an instruction from above,” pleaded the SPD politician. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim also agreed to receive Steinmeier. Cavusoglu once again criticized the Bundestag’s resolution on Armenia. At the same time, he expressed his hope that German-Turkish relations could soon be “back to normal”.

Steinmeier said he was “irritated” by Erdogan’s accusation that Germany was a safe haven for terrorists from the banned Workers’ Party PKK. He added that “we simply cannot understand this accusation. He thanked Cavusoglu” for a conversation that was not easy today. “Steinmeier said at the meeting with his Turkish colleague that he emphasized that visits by German MPs to the Bundeswehr in Incirlik would still have to be possible. That morning Steinmeier had spoken to representatives of Turkish civil society in the residence of the German ambassador.

These were journalists and intellectuals who campaign for human rights, freedom of the press and the rights of the Kurds. Human rights activists and opposition activists accuse the Turkish government of using the attempted coup on July 15 and the fight against terrorism as an excuse to silence critics and to settle old bills. Steinmeier had justified his trip to Turkey by saying that “in these difficult times” in particular, the dialogue could not be dispensed with. Source:, jug / dpa “During his three years as midfield strategist at FC Bayern, Xabi Alonso left an excellent and lasting impression Impression: Club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge wanted a return after the departure of the football gentleman, and that might be coming soon.

According to “France Football”, the Spaniard is a candidate for the post of head coach at Bayern. However, it is not the ideal solution. That should still be Erik ten Hag. Even if the coach of Ajax Amsterdam had recently canceled the Munich. Alonso has been coaching Real Sociedad’s second team in the Spanish third division since this season.

For the time being, Interim Hansi Flick remains responsible in Munich.What Niko Kovac failed at Bayern and how the club capitulated to its players, read here and here! Source: “” The Caribbean paradise of Antigua and Barbuda is richer by one attraction: At 400 meters, the highest mountain in the island state southeast of Puerto Rico, one of the Leeward Islands, the “Boggy Peak”, was renamed “Mount Obama”. When the mountain was officially renamed St. John’s , Antigua. (Prime Minister Spencer: 3rd from left) (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS) Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, who first met US President Barack Obama at the summit of the Organization of American States in May, had already renamed the mountain on August 4th. It is Obama’s birthday and at the same time the last day of the Antiguan Carnival, which commemorates the end of slavery in 1834.The predominantly black population of Antigua strongly identifies with their African roots, the majority of their ancestors came as slaves in the 17th and 18th centuries. He came to the island in the 18th century to work on the plantations of the British colonial rulers. When Barack Obama was the first African American to be elected President of the USA, the small Caribbean state with its 77,000 inhabitants, which has been independent since 1981, was upside down. The area around “Mount Obama” is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and used to be a retreat for many slaves .

Now it is to become a national park with hiking trails for the tourists. Source:, dpa “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of the Armenia Resolution The angry press coverage in Turkey reflects the great disappointment Germany and the resolution passed. There is talk of betrayal and broken friendship. Prime Minister Yildirim however gives in. Not only the parliamentarians demonstrate unity – the domestic press also praises the decision to classify the massacre in Armenia as genocide.

However, there is disagreement about the absence of the Chancellor and the timing of the resolution. Ankara’s anger reaches as far as the Platz der Republik in Berlin. But Armenians, Pontic Greeks and Kurds will not let it spoil them to celebrate the genocide resolution. The Chancellor’s abstinence affects the mood.

By Issio Ehrich The Bundestag was warned: If the parliament votes for the Armenia resolution, the relationship with Turkey cools down. Ankara is now announcing a first step: the country’s chief diplomat should temporarily return home. Almost all members of the Bundestag present vote for a resolution in which the massacre of the Armenians is described as genocide.

Turkey is angry – and does not recognize the vote. The Bundestag passes a resolution in which the murder and expulsion of the Armenians 100 years ago is described as genocide. It all started with a handshake. By Hubertus Volmer The members of the Bundestag act unimpressed by Ankara’s threats: Against the will of the Turkish government, the parliamentarians pass the resolution in which the murders of Armenians over 100 years ago are described as genocide.

This Thursday the Bundestag wants to pass a resolution calling the genocide of the Armenians that. Two key members of the federal government will not be present. Historians would have to look into the matter, the AfD could benefit from the resolution. Turkey torpedoed the correct assessment of the Armenian genocide with absurd theses.

Unfortunately with some success. A comment by Issio Ehrich “” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of the Armenia Resolution Criticism, threats, a ban on visiting: These are not good times for the German-Turkish relationship. For the first time, German MPs traveled to Turkey again. The CDU defense expert Karl A. Lamers tells how it was.

German-Turkish relations are still strained after the adoption of the Armenia resolution. According to a report, Ankara is now canceling a secret service meeting with the BKA. There was a sensitive issue on the agenda. Turkish President Erdogan wants German politicians to travel to Incirlik again.

In doing so, he is fulfilling his part of a problematic exchange deal. A comment by Christian Rothenberg The dispute over visiting rights for Bundeswehr soldiers in Turkey is calm. It is not over yet.

The Turkish foreign minister holds out the prospect of lifting the ban on German MPs from visiting – but he sets one condition. Whether it’s a diplomatic move or just denials – the Chancellor’s statements on the Bundestag resolution on Armenia are well received in Turkey. So now there is talk of a success for President Erdogan.

The Federal Government emphasizes that the Bundestag resolution on Armenia is not legally binding. But she doesn’t want this to be understood as a distancing. The press sees it differently.

The genocide researcher Tessa Hofmann thinks little of how the federal government behaves in matters of the Armenian resolution. One cannot doubt that there was genocide, she says in an interview with The genocide resolution of the Bundestag has long been passed. Allegedly, Ankara has not yet understood that it is not legally binding. The Chancellor has her spokesman explain the matter again.

Funny. By Issio Ehrich It is the topic in political Berlin: Is the Federal Government distance from the Armenia resolution of the Bundestag? Chancellor Merkel lets her spokesman row back a little at noon.

The message is apparently a duck. Both Union parliamentary group leader Kauder and CDU general secretary Tauber declare that the federal government has no plan to distance itself from the Bundestag resolution on Armenia. “Xabi Alonso should return to FC Bayern – at least that’s what Karl-Heinz Rummenigge wishes. (Photo: imago / photoarena / Eisenhuth) Niko Kovac could still win the double of the Bundesliga championship and the DFB Cup with FC Bayern. But a job guarantee is denied him.

For the future, CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge wants an ex-professional in his position: Xabi Alonso. Board chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge of Bayern Munich has again denied coach Niko Kovac a job guarantee and wants Xabi Alonso to be appointed as coach of the German Football record champions. “I said that very purposefully with Jörg Wontorra on Sky: Everyone who works for Bayern Munich, including me, has to deliver here. There is pressure here, that has always been the case at Bayern,” said Rummenigge in the “Bild am Sunday “. In the said TV show, Rummenigge Kovac had already denied a job guarantee immediately after the 5-0 win in the top Bundesliga match against Borussia Dortmund in early April. In principle, however, FC Bayern are “interested in continuity in the coaching position”, he now emphasized, “because whenever we had it, it was also a successful time. And I wish him that (Kovac, editor’s note). “In perspective, Rummenigge sees former Bayern professional Xabi Alonso as the ideal Bayern coach.

He ennobled the Spaniard as “the smartest and best strategist I’ve ever seen in midfield”. Alonso played for FC Bayern from 2014 to 2017 and is currently completing his coaching training. In the coming season, the 37-year-old will take over the Real Madrid U19.

Rummenigge: “In my opinion we have to try to get him back to Munich at some point.” Unlike President Uli Hoeneß, he feels “no euphoria,” said Rummenigge, “because nothing has yet been won”. Especially the knockout of the last 16 in the Champions League against Liverpool due to the “heartless and heartless” appearance in the second leg (1: 3) “worried us terribly. That was also a financial loss, but an even greater damage to our image – also for the Bundesliga. That was a dent that happened. It shouldn’t happen next year. “Source:, ara / sid” “The departure of the alpha players Philipp Lahm and Xabi Alonso in the summer will hurt Bayern. (Photo: REUTERS) FC Bayern competes with Carlo Ancelotti to win the Champions League.

One last big title for the old guard, then the turning point. But Real undermines the plan and makes the upheaval all the more painful. When Xabi Alonso left the pitch in the 75th minute, the battle was still ongoing. The Munich team led 1-0.

They hoped they were close to knocking Real Madrid out of the premier class at the Bernabéu. Xabi Alonso trotted to the sidelines, raised his hands in thanks and got it back. From the fans of FC Bayern and from those of the Madrilenians who had already celebrated him before kick-off when the stadium announcer read his name out loud.