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@ John doesn’t, if you think it is dumb, then you don’t have to play it. But keep your dumb un necessary unfriendly comments to yourself. If you can’t say anything nice, then keep that pie hole shut. It is by a person’s choice to play for as long or as little as they want.

For one, the whole point of raising Pokemon is to start from the bottom. It’s how you train them that makes them strong for you or not. Cheating your way through is what takes the fun out of it. All Pokemon have different stats and different nature’s, and changing them from what they are originally caught as is dumb. Catching legendary Pokemon is only fun when caught properly, and not by hacking into the Nintendo system.

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Also most of the comments here sound like spoiled children who haven’t faced a moment of adversity in their lives. This isn’t some vast conspiracy trying to take your games/anime away you nerds. @EmberTune my basic point is that to move forward we are at some point going to have to put the past behind us. That doesn’t involve ignoring it, but at the same time it means history becomes a lesson, not a tool characterize people. The main reason I brought up the tv show is not because I have a particular problem with or want it banned or anything but it illustrates a greater point.

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Steroids, human growth hormones, deflating footballs, you name it. In the competitive scene of Pokémon, things are no different. The Pokémon Company just announced that 7,651 additional people have been banned from online play for having profiles with illegal, altered save data. As far as we know, this new data doesn’t include the 5,954 Trainers that were banned back in January.

For some people, playing and catching is a hobby, while for others a stress relief technique. Maybe you should just shut up about things you know nothing about. Or maybe you are just throwing a hissy fit because you are one of the banned people and you got caught. If you are, then good, one less person to ruin it for those that enjoy the game for the way it was made to be enjoyed. Professional athletes have been known to do all sorts of illegal things to get a leg up on the competition.

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  • Some players are reporting that their 3DS consoles have been locked out of online services, across all games.
  • This affects both your Nintendo Network ID as well as your individual console.
  • Back in 2009, Microsoft banned hundreds of thousands of Xbox Live accounts that it determined were using mod chips to play pirated games or cheat online.
  • This is the second wave of players being banned from online play; In January nearly 6,000 players were banned from online play for using hacked Pokémon.
  • The Pokémon Company and Nintendo haven’t been too vocal about those who got Pokémon Sun & Moonearly or by ill-gotten means, but apparently punishments are being meted out.

@EmberTune Blackface was a horrible practice done but how do we ever get away from it and that way of thinking by banning this. @notahuman The thing is this isn’t blackface, just because someone puts on some dark makeup that is not what blackface is. If ashe wasn’t attempting to look like a pokemon and was instead doing it to look like a human and then acted in stereotypical black fashions then yes it would be blackface otherwise it doesn’t resemble blackface at all.

If this episode has been not aired because of this it is purely because someone is making their own logic leap stating this is blackface when in reality it isn’t at all. As a black person myself I am not offended by the image of ash that is shown above. Obviously I haven’t seen the episode so I cannot state if it does or doesn’t contain something offensive, but I do think it was wise to not release it in the USA. Blackface is a sensitive thing in America GBA roms download and when used to belittle people who look like me it does bother me.

I hate censorship, and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve tried to learn Japanese, and haven’t played some classic games yet. The only times I’m OK with it is when the purpose of it is to keep the same age rating as the Japanese original, and this is not one of those times. @Fath It’s not blackface, one is a cartoon character dressing up as a pokemon. Blackface was a horrible theatre act to make black people often times look dumb and was wholly racist. The first is only racist when people’s mind gravitate to that and make that connection.

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